Most of your portrait sessions are families, do you also provide corporate profile photos?

Our services are not limited to family photography. We also have services for solo portraits, corporate, babies and maternity.

Do we book our session ahead of time or can we just proceed at your studio?
  • Booking in advance is required to secure an uninterrupted slot.
  • Drop us a WhatsApp to book your slot
How long does a session take ?

Our portrait session is around 1-2 hours

How many shots will you take during the session?
  • We take unlimited shots for 30 mins – one hour.
  • Inclusive of 2-3 different themes for Baby portrait session.
  • For Family portrait session, different variations of composition and poses. (Eg: Grandparents & grandkids, Siblings, Couples, etc)
After the photo session, do we get the photos right away?
  • We’ll then prepare a slideshow of the best pictures & a contact sheet for you to make a selection.
  • Digital or Printed photos will be available within 5 working days
  • Home delivery option is also available with additional cost.
Do you also do outdoor shoots?
  • Yes, we do accept outdoor photoshoots.
  • we have an on-location photography service for outdoor portraiture and events.
  • Birthdays / home family portraits / events
Are pets allowed for the photoshoot?
  • Yes, prior booking is required to prepare the studio
  • Outdoor garden space is available at the studio too
How much do we pay for a portrait session?
  • There is a RM100 studio fee, for the 1-2 hours uninterrupted photo session
  • Charges are according to the quantity of photos you choose after the session. Our rates start at RM77 per photo. You may contact us for more offers.
What should I wear for the photo session?
  • When picking out your clothes for the session, You want to be confident in your clothing styles, choose something flattering .
  • Choose neutral colours with soft, flowing fabrics…. think creams, very soft pastels, oatmeal, light browns, tans, greys, and slate blues.  
  • Select complimentary patterns, or colours (think pastels or varying shades of the same colour) are a great way to go. Think about adding a sweater to a plain top, an interesting piece of jewellery, a scarf, a hat, a funky belt, or some interesting shoes!
  • One thing to keep in mind with the kids is to make sure they are comfortable!!! Kids show their emotions on their face and the last thing we want is frowny faces!
  • Bring a change of clothes if you want more than one look.

“Capturing a beautiful, memorable family portrait starts with creating a beautiful and memorable moment! So prepare yourself and your family for a happy gathering, and the photographer’s job will simply be to capture the magic that’s already there.”

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